• Renovation Loans

    What is a renovation loan?

    A renovation loan is a personal loan that could help you finance your home improvements. Often it is easier to renovate than to relocate. Whether it's a minor house-refresher like upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms, adding a pergola or a deck, or whether you bought a 'fixer upper' and wish to give it an all rounder full make-over, a Renovation Loan might be for you.

    A Renovation Loan, can come in many shapes and sizes, such as a construction loan, a line-of-credit, or a redraw.

    At Loan Link we will link you to the right loan.


    How to get approved for a renovation loan?

    As with most loans, approval depends on your personal circumstances, however don't be deterred, your circumstances can be much better than you think. Did you know that many Australians do no realise the amount of equity they have in their home? In fact, many don't understand the concept of home equity. Speak to us today; we can take a look at your home equity, arrange a valuation, and tell you how much money you could potentially access directly from your existing loan, without even applying for a new loan.